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Jackie, age 56, Yoga Instructor
Bridgett Jones meets Carrie Bradshaw.

Mary Lou, 29, real estate agent
Amanda! Tell me when they will make a TV series out of your book (I can't wait to see who they pick for the personal trainer!)

Jane, 45, attorney
I laughed so hard that I wet my panties, AND I'M TOO FRICKIN YOUNG FOR DEPENDS! I read it in one setting, while making dinner, and every time my teenage son or my husband asked me why I was laughing, I had to hide the book.

Jessica, 25, design consultant
OMG, it's like I met some of these guys! Hey, girl, are you off your man cleanse already?

Paul, 35, unemployed

Nathan, 25, director
Anika Kunik writes about one simple human act - sex - and turns it into 45 stories of hope, lust, desperation, love, stupidity detachment, and redemption. She writes well, candidly, and her self-deprecating humor makes for a fun read, but James Joyce it ain't.

Matt, 32, sommelier

Shawnda, 29, waitress
I really liked it. i just broke up with my boyfriend and some of that stuff made me cry and i reread it all the time and then i dont feel so alone, like i'm not the only stupid one, ya know.

Lauren Beck
Such a great read! I found this book far more insightful than He’s Just Not That Into You, and it reassured me that my dating patterns are, at least relatively, normal.

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