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"When I can’t sleep—and insomnia is a tragic and highly overrated affliction—I count the men I’ve had sex with..."

Anika Kunik was born in Antwerp, Belgium. After high school, she moved to Israel and found success as a print and runway model. In 1989 Anika moved to Texas. She attended the University of Texas, graduating magna cum laude with a degree in French dramatic literature. Meanwhile, she also focused on raising a family and she is very proud of her four children. In her free time, Anika enjoys writing and acting. Forty-Five-1/2 Lovers is her first published novel.


"Funny, honest, poignant, but most importantly sexy! Couldn't put it down and avidly awaiting the sequel."

"Could not stop reading it! Made me laugh, blush and think all at the same time. Read this with a group of 10 women - all of us enjoyed the book - great conversation starter."

"I blew through this book in one sitting, and unfortunately (or is it fortunately), saw way too many of my own torrid love stories in its pages..."


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